Navy - blue

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Navy is a wallpaper that takes you on a trip to the sea. This wallpaper is exactly what it is called - more marine than this is not! It's like boarding a boat and sailing to the sea, with a nostalgic feeling of old time. The marine wallpaper is perfect for Sjöstugan or for creating a lovely atmosphere in a room with a fantastic view of the sea.
The wallpaper has a playful style where boats, lighthouses, fish and plants are mixed in a beautiful collage. Each element of the wallpaper feels like part of a larger whole, as if you are in the middle of a lively sea. The fish swim around among the aquatic plants, while the boats are fighting against the large waves. The lighthouse shines brightly and gives you the feeling that you are in the middle of a waters.
The marine wallpaper is also perfect for a children's room, where it is fun to discover new things every day. The child can play and fantasize about all animals and boats on the wallpaper, while the parents can relax in a lovely marine atmosphere. The wallpaper gives a sense of freedom and adventure, while creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
So get on board the boat and sail out to the sea with this amazing wallpaper!


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