Morocco Medallion - Base White

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Morocco Medallion is a timeless wallpaper that gives an elegant and stylish expression to all rooms. This medallion wallpaper is an example of classic wallpaper design that is perfect for both modern and traditional homes. With its discreet and restrained medallion pattern, this wallpaper fits in all types of interiors.
The wallpaper has a stylish pattern with medallions similar to those that can be found on Moroccan tiles. The medallions are discreet and stylish and give a beautiful sense of movement and life to the wall. The wallpaper color palette is also restrained in soft shades that fit with all possible interior styles.
Morocco Medallion Wallpaper can be used to create a uniform feel in a room or as an accent on a single wall. It also fits well in bedrooms or living rooms where you want a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. This wallpaper really fits in all types of rooms and can give a feeling of exclusivity to both castles and hut.
In summary, Morocco Medallion is a timeless wallpaper that is simple, elegant and stylish. Its classic patterns and neutral colors make it a perfect wallpaper to create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere in your home. So if you want a wallpaper that gives a sense of style and elegance, Morocco Medallion is an excellent choice for making your home even more wonderful.


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